Shattering The Glass Walls Of The Traditional Career Path

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Balancing work/home life. Looking after young children. Managing a demanding career with long hours. Handling the care of aging parents. Taking care of fur babies. These can all be concerns weighing heavily on the shoulders of a working woman. If you are a working mother, the load just increases. The notion of achieving work-life balance seems almost impossible. While trying to juggle all these demands on your time, how do you cope with a company that also demands you be physically in the office each day?   

While in the past several years women have made strides in shattering the glass ceiling across corporate America, the confining glass walls of a traditional full-time, in-person job can be limiting. The stay-at-home mandates brought on by COVID-19 have inadvertently laid the foundation for more acceptance around working from home. But with many organizations requiring workers to return to the office, what options are available for women?  

A study conducted by [1] in March 2022 surveying 1,000 women revealed that women are increasingly choosing flexibility over stability in a working environment (83%). Other interesting statistics include: 

According to a survey finding in McKinsey & Company’s annual report, “Women in the Workplace 2022,”[2] women employees who can choose to work in the arrangement they prefer—whether remote or on site—are less burned out and happier in their jobs. The study goes on to observe that women can achieve better mental health, face less microaggressions in the workplace, experience reduced stress levels, and enjoy increased work-life balance.  

So where do you find yourself in your career journey and is it time for more flexibility?  

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