About Us

Our Story

We are Talent Shift – A team that differentiates itself with unique skillsets that is not a traditional staffing agency. 

Individuals on our team include former client service professionals who understand your project requirements, how to engage and retain Talent.

Our recruiting team has significant experience in recruiting and placement services serving Fortune 500 and professional services at multiple top global agency firms. 

Talent Shift LLC is a subsidiary of Forvis Mazars LLP . Forvis Mazars, LLP ranks among the nation’s top 10 professional services firms. With this connection, with ease we serve our clients and team members in all 50 states, as well as across the globe.

Our Values

Experience First

We are passionate about creating unparalleled client experiences that are as personal as they are productive. We listen, collaborate and innovate to support and enrich our clients and the communities they serve.


We have strong networks in many markets including Financial Services, Insurance, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Asset Management and FinTech that range from start-up and boutique environments to publicly-traded firms

Fluid Process

We aim to become an extension of your business and embark on a journey of success.

From discovery to placement, we are your trusted advisor for Talent.


We hand pick and vet our talent  into Talent Shift Neighborhoods™, building continuing education pathways and support internal knowledge sharing. We aim to create a connected destination for the best Talent. 

Our Vision

Talent Shift, LLC focuses on bringing innovative talent solutions to our clients. This includes hosting an innovative digital platform that serves as the foundation for our growing vibrant community of highly skilled and trusted contract professionals. This enables us to meet the call of our clients as they navigate their moves to hybrid workforce strategies.