Our Interview Tips


Make sure you have a copy of your resume in front of you as a reference

Practice walking through your resume in a concise manner, you should be able to do this in roughly 3 minutes.

Go a little deeper and refresh on your past roles and companies so the recollections are fresh sometimes it’s the little details that make an answer


Find somewhere with good lighting & low background noise

Ideally a simple background so there are no distractions for you or for the interviewer

Think more about what might distract you, like having your phone on silent


Think about your eye contact, try to look directly in the camera when speaking not at the recording of yourself

Speaking clearly with a calm speed

Don’t forget your personality just because you are talking to a computer, try to imagine how you would be receiving this as another person

Body Language

Reiterating on the above; eye contact is through the camera makes a huge difference & remember to smile!

The picture frame can include your upper body allowing your hands in the recording might help accentuate a point you are making

Posture is really important in how your are perceived but also in the delivery of what you are saying. 


If you haven’t seen yourself on camera before this is a great exercise to see how you behave in front of a camera. 

Test Your Tech! 

Simple things like calling a friend before hand checking the sound and the brightness will help eliminate unnecessary interruptions. Having some headphones on standby in case the sound is having trouble is always a good idea! Don’t forget the laptop charger!

Dress The Part​

Dress to impress! Wear what you would to an in-person interview, this will get you in a professional mind-set for the role and also give the impression that you care about the position you are looking for.