A Roadmap to Driving Growth in the Gig Economy

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In today’s economy, devising a plan for sustainable corporate growth may not always be a linear path. Think of it as planning a cross-country road trip with a starting point and destination. There may be sharp turns in the road, periods of uneven pavement, and navigating uncertain terrain with limited vision—and you inevitably get lost or even miss an off-ramp exit now and then. However, being able to endure this long journey from one point to the other is not one of just stamina (and having enough gas in the tank), but also knowing when to leverage available resources along the way to help you arrive at the destination. Using this analogy to driving growth at your organization, what is your roadmap?

According to a study conducted by Gartner on December 22, 2022, 83% of business executives are focusing their organization’s business strategy on growth—more than any other objective—while 63% are changing processes to address labor shortages. The unpredictable nature of the global marketplace created the need for businesses to be more agile in talent strategy, which can impact their bottom line. This trend is reinforced by findings in Upwork’s “Future Workforce Report 2022” published last August, which show that “79% of businesses agree that working with independent (gig) talent enables their businesses to be more innovative.” In the same study, among those hiring managers who leverage freelancers, 84% are confident in their company’s ability to respond to disruption compared to 69% who do not use freelancers.

A sound talent strategy that taps into the highly skilled talent pool of gig workers should be a key component to any organization’s roadmap for innovation, growth, and success. In the August 2022 Forbes article “How Freelance Workers are Helping Companies Address Labor Shortages,” Tony Buffum, VP of HR client strategy at Upwork, said “[businesses] that want to survive and thrive should reevaluate their talent strategy to embrace flexible, on-demand talent.”

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